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with these great tunes:

1. Ty a Gardd/Gwyr Pendref - "House and Garden" and " The Men of Pendref", two Welsh jigs that go great together. Rik plays the Welsh biwbo on this number.

2. Can Y Cardi - From the singing of Siwsann George, this is a Welsh miners’ bragging song. The chorus says, "Each to his own, I am happy with an occasional glass of good yellow beer". Bill sings and the whole gang joins in on the chorus.

3. Mon/Pwyt-ar-y-Bys-
A couple of well known Welsh dance tunes, Mon is the Welsh name for the Island of Anglsey. Then second tune means "A Piece of the Finger".

4. Lisa Lan - A popular traditional Welsh love song, sung here by Mary. Bill plays whistle and Welsh pibgorn, or horn pipe, one of the oldest of Welsh instruments.

5. Breton An Dro - The Bretons came from Wales and Cornwall and settled in Brittany, France in the 5th C. Their music has a character all of its own. This is music for a dance called an "An Dro". Bill plays a Breton bombarde in Bb, one of their national instruments, and Rik, the dumbek.

6. Fiddle Faddle - One of the great Welsh dance tunes that we enjoy playing fast.

7. Lament of Evan/Mwynen Cynwyd/Jenny Jones - Three lesser known Welsh airs from Davidson's "250 Welsh Airs for a Shilling" from 1859. They are played by Mary on the harp. In "Jenny Jones", Mary imitates the double note technique done on the traditional Welsh triple-strung harp.

8. Mac Pherson’s Farewell- Bill sings a traditional Scottish tune addressing the age-old problem of hanging a fiddler. Dave and Mary join in on the chorus and Mary cranks up the uilleann pipes.

9. Dancing in the Pigsty - In the story of Pryderi's Pigs, (Moch Pryderi), from the Welsh national epic, the Mabinogion, we like to think that all worked out well in the end. Bill wrote this as a celebration for the pigs and it features our fiddler extraordinare, Melissa Rich.

10. Eamon an Chnoic - A lovely, haunting Irish melody, sung here in Galic by Mary, with Bill on whistle.

11. Death of Pryderi/March to Pigtown - Two more tunes by Bill based on the tale of Pryderi's Pigs as found in the Mabinogion. The sad part of the tale is that Pryderi is killed by the bad guys who had stolen his pigs and marched them clear across Wales.

12. Mam an Avalou. -Mary sings this great Breton song extolling the importance of the "Mother of the Apple", the apple tree. The point of the song is that if you do not treat the trees right, there will be no apples, and if there are no apples there will be no cider. Cider, or "chistr" in Breton, is the national drink. Bill plays the small bombarde in D. Melissa and Dave join in on the chorus.

13. An Eos Whek - "The Nightingale". One of the loveliest Cornish love songs that we know.

14. Llongau Caernarfon/ Ffarwel I Aberystwyth /Morfa Rhuddlan /Mopsi Don- Back to Welsh basics. Two mournful and two joyful Welsh tunes played only on the Welsh pibgorn, harp and drum.

15. Nyth y Gwcw - "The Cuckoo's Nest", a Welsh hornpipe, played on fiddle and harp featuring Melissa and Mary.


Melissa Rich - fiddle and vocals
Mary Triola - harp, uilleann pipes, fife, whistles and vocals
Rik Rice - bodhran, dumbek and Welsh biwbo.
Dave Rich - guitar and vocals
Bill Reese - Celtic bouzouki, Welsh pibgorn, Breton bombardes in Bb, and D, whistle, mando-banjo, and vocals.

All songs traditional except "Death of Pryderi", "March to Pigtown", and "Dancing in the Pig Sty", written by Bill Reese © 2002.
Arrangements by Moch Pryderi, except the harp medley which is, arranged by Mary Triola.
Produced by Bill Reese.
Recorded and mastered at:
IAR Studios, Alexandria VA.