our 3rd CD

1.Dic y Cymro/Cluck Old Hen/Ton y Melinydd- Two Welsh tunes and an American fiddle tune, “Dick the Welshman”, “Cluck Old Hen”, and “The Miller’s Song”. We like to use these as openers at our shows.

2.Cork Harbor- This number was collected by J. Glen Davis and popularized by Ar Log. Reference to “White Horses” and the ship having a “..bone in its teeth” are all common nautical expressions describing the weather and how a ship sails. “O hogie bach”  is Welsh for “Fellows”. Translation mistakes are all ours!

3.Y Gelynnen/An Amzer/Nonesuch- Here we combine a Welsh, a Breton and an English song, together with 2 Pibgorns and the small D-Bombard. 

4.Codi Angor-  “Weighing Anchor” This is the Welsh version of a  common sea song found with this same melody in many different languages. Mary and Bill on vocals, with Bob on small pipes.

5.Jig Moch ag Wyau- “The Pigs' Jig and Eggs”  (WW Reese)- This is Bill’s most recent contribution to songs about  the story of Pryderi’s Pigs from the Welsh epic, the Mabinogion, written for Melissa’s fiddle.

6.Torth o Fara/Y Mochyn Du/The Spinning Wheel- “ A Loaf of Bread”, “The Black Pig” and “The Spinning Wheel”, three Welsh songs arranged by Bob Roser for  his small pipes in A. 

7.Farewell to the Rhondda (F. Hennesy)- This is a song by one of Wales’ top singer-songwriters, Frank Hennesy, about the mines that were closing in the Rhondda valley region of Wales.

8.Adâr Man y Mynydd/Chwi Fechgyn Glân Ffri/Ap Siencyn/Jig Esgob Bangor/Deildy Aberteifi- A Welsh air and four jigs arranged by Bill for the Uillian pipes and played by Kelly Debutts, who helps us out from time to time, on pipes and flutes! 

9.Llantoni Abbey- A beautiful Welsh air, arranged and played with variations by Mary Triola on the Welsh Triple harp. 

10.One More Day- Another common sea song, this time with lots of references to Cardiff Wales, and Tiger Bay, at one time the location of a red light district of Cardiff, obviously well loved of old by some sailors! Dave and Bill on lead vocals. 

11.Dau Rosyn Coch-  “Two Red Roses”, a song we refer to as the dirty old man song. It concerns a fellow following a maid as she is going milking. After he steals a kiss, she feigns innocence, avoids marriage by confessing to having no dowery, and still gets the better of him in the end. Rik Rice gets a chance to play his dumbek on this one!

12.Breton Coffee Song- We do not know where we first heard this song, but it is one of our favorites. We arranged it here for Bob and his great pipes, plus some fife, fiddle and bombard. 

13.Gwenno Penygelli/Derfydd Aur- Gwenno Penygelli is the name of a young lady much desired by the young man in this Welsh courting song collected by Bob  Roberts. Our hero catalogues all the things  he likes about her (“10 pounds in the bank”) and all the things he has collected for her, including sheets and 4 mounds of good peat! Mary on vocals and harp!

14.Cariad Cywir/Mari Lwyd/Aberdulais- A collection of great Welsh marches, the first means “True Love”, the second “The Grey Horse”, a song used in a Welsh New Years tradition, and the last, the name of a place near Neath in West Glamorgan, famous for its water falls. Bill plays Bombard. Mary on whistles, Melissa on fiddle.


Lissa Rich - fiddle and vocals
Mary Triola - Welsh triple harp, pibgorn, fife, whistles and vocals
Rik Rice - bodhran, and dumbek.
Dave Rich - guitar and vocals
Bill Reese - bouzouki, pibgorn, Breton bombardes in Bb, and D, mandolin-banjo, and vocals.
Bob Roser- Highland pipes amd small pipes

All songs traditional except "Farewell to the Rhondda", written by Frank Hennesy, and "Jig Moch ag Wyau", written by Bill Reese © 2006.
Arrangements by Moch Pryderi, except "Llantoni Abbey" which is, arranged by Mary Triola.

Produced by Bill Reese.
Recorded and mastered by Mat Montoro
3rd Stream Music
Fredericksburg VA..